The product contains pre-school practice materials.

They can be used not only in the ABA-therapy.   It is the most effective method of mastering the subject aimed at the development of both cerebral hemispheres.

Cerebral hemispheres and their functions:

                                                      Left                                                                        Right

                                                  Logic                                                                           Emotive

                                   Focused on details                                                 Focused on exemplary shapes

                                 Orientation in time                                                                 Visualisation

                        Prefers parts to the whole                                                        Prefers the whole

                           Looks for differences                                                           Looks for similarities

                    Prefers variants True/False                                           Prefers exposure instead of True/False variants

                                    Linear thinking                                                              Creativity, art

                                          Numbers                                                                       Colours

It is recommended to reward children suffering from specific disabilities (autism, ADHD) after every activity they perform. This method is applied as part of the ABA-therapy, in order to create the habits of concentration of attention through motivation more quickly. The ABA-therapy provides the best results in combination with a GAPS diet, probiotics, and fish oil. The food treats the microflora of the digestive tract, which is closely related to brain activities.

Positive effects appear very soon after the therapy starts: the baby sleeps at night, has no diarrhoea, and is less restless. Besides, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) promote the elasticity of synapses between neurons, eruptions of which resemble short circuits in the nervous system that can be easily recognised in behaviour. Triggering the mechanism responsible for concentrating the child's attention can be guaranteed only by adhering to these exceptional factors and by diligence.

ABA therapy = Repetitio est mater studiorum !

With love, Ramta.Eu