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"Life in itself is an empty canvas, it becomes whatsoever you paint on it. You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. This freedom is your glory."   (Osho-Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh)

Every color, object, word, sound, image ... has a unique energy, vibrations that directly affect, communicate with our DNA. Each symbol represents an encoded program:

  • Lily, Crystals- a symbol of the Archangel Gabriel (Patron of parenting, art, journalism).
  • Scarlet rose, Crystals - symbol of Archangel Michael (protection, healing), Archangel Jeguriel (law and order, leadership).
  • White rose, jasmine, iris, lilac, moonstone - a symbol of the Archangel Haniel and Iophil (treatment of women's diseases and emotional problems, harmonization of thoughts, cleansing life from negativity).
  • Gerbera, book, tourmaline-symbol of the Archangel Metatron (work with children indigo, healing, sacral geometry).

Symbols of fertility and bliss are also contemplated in the works of Renaissance and Baroque artists:

The Art-therapy and Quantum Psychology 

The quantum psychology is a tool, which deciphers and then activates the power of the subconscious mindThe most direct communication channels with the subconscious, are the following:

  • Chromotherapy, graphotherapy, sound therapy (vibrations of quantum waves),
  • Keywords (quantum wave linguistics-Peter P. Gareaev),
  • Hypnosis, regressive hypnosis, meditation.

Once you reach THIS POINT, everything that we ask for IN THE RIGHT WAY - will eventually happen.   "Ask, and it shall be given you..." (Matthew, 7:7)

The result is directly tied to the correctness of the requests/prayers you dispatch. Life planning strategy is subject to the types of programs, predominant in the ethereal plan.

These programs (negative or positive) are connected to every living individual, with varying forms, even before they are born.

From the quantum physics' point of view, everything around us is energy (negative/positive), starting with thoughts, words, deeds, objects etc. The purpose of life is to process the negative programs and creating the environment for the positive programs to flourish (success, happiness, health ...).

To define the term "Program", they can be likened to the term "Karmic lecture", but a program contains a whole series of  "lectures", whose operation is linked to their localization within their appropriate chakras:

Every program has its own date of realization. Usually, after an unfulfilled negative program, the list is filled by another, unfortunately also negative program. 

Feelings of guilt, dread, hatred, self-blaming, fear, rage, disgust, revenge, sorrow and other emotions, charge with their negative energy a negative program, which will then create other similar obstacles.

After a big problem (program),

always take advantage of her footsteps (lessons),

and keep move on to receive new positive changes (programs)

...Simbios of Univers

Programs have been and still are present, each a different one (depending on the age), but everybody has the right to choose!

The transformation procedure from negative to positive status can only happen in the form of substitution, mutation of energy, so that the cosmic balance is maintained.

Example:  Mother of a child that has been ill, had turned to pray to the heavens, for the child to get well. She promised, that if the prayer is answered, she will help other mothers the same way. As soon as the full prayer has reached its destination, "full" because the energy plane had also identified the promise, the right prayer had been realized, and will soon take effect.

We can never get something, without depositing the adequate energy, be it financial energy, a deed, or through another accepted method! If something (a prayer) is received without any exertion of any energy, lacks the initiation source (power/force) to achieve the proposed goal. This may manifest itself in the following manner: the provided information/deed is not rightfully accepted, or the gift does not bring the expected result, etc.

As a part of realizing the goal, both types of energy are essential, as well as the correct handling  (in balance) of the appropriate resources.


  • Positive and negative is not about being good or bad, it is only the polarity of the electricity. You can never have positive charge without the negative one.
  • We must not only give love, but also receive it, etc. ∞

"Superiority over the logical reasoning, is the core of the Ramtha School philosophy.  Its core principle is to awaken the God in the sleeping individual."   (www.ramtha.com)