"The aura is an energy field that surrounds all forms of matter. Matter is composed of electrons and protons that are in constant motion and represent vibrations of electric and magnetic energy " (Ted Andrews)

The connection between matter and energy of the electromagnetic field is made by psycho-information energy, more precisely by the flow of information. The term field explains the therapeutic activity of acupuncture or the mode of action of chromotherapy.

The aura colours have been and are still detected by technical means:

  • Electronography. Research method mainly in the field of biomedicine (E. Celean "Materia vie si radiatiile"). Editura Stiintifica, Bucuresti 1985. - "Living matter and radiation"
  • A record of an aura on a polaroid-type photographic background.
  • Through psychological tests aimed at this type of detection.

Psychological test:  What colour is your aura currently?

Corresponding numbers are calculated depending on the selected images.

(The summary response is only shown to persons enrolled in a Regression Hypnosis Course. Online Course available for Russian and Romanian speakers only! More details: ramta.eu@email.cz)

1) Where would you like to be right now?

2) Which of the following meals would you like to order right now?

3) Which of the following drinks would you like to order now?

4) Which of the following routes would you choose for an evening walk?

5) Which of the following paintings would you identify yourselves with today?

6) Choose one of the following hobbies

7) Choose the best bird

For every question and for every problem we find the answer in the depth of the subconscious. In order to ask the right question and receive an appropriate answer, you only need to focus on meditation (an esoteric instrument where it is communicated directly with the Divine Self) or regressive hypnosis (communication with the subconscious), Art Therapy...

From the auxiliary tools we now choose a psychological test:

" Ask your subconscious what a surprise your fate has prepared for you in the near future ? "

We have a key energy image in the form of a visual illusion. Depending on the hints of our subconscious mind, everyone can see each of their own images.

If you saw the following images first:

A book and a lamp on a windowsill. This symbolizes information about the news expecting you in the near future, in writing or by phone. This news will bring great positive changes in your life, but your participation will also be needed. There may be new challenges to face in your life that take up much of your time.

Nature from the window. This option announces that in the future, you will face a breakup. It is possible that your current relationship (the person you perceive as your best friend) may be terminated, but this is not a reason for depression, there are other beneficial options in the outlook.

Window. The future prepares you a tremendous success, achieved with your boss or co-worker. This person will give you advice that will open the horizon for future actions. But do not hurry, realization of this advice occurs only in a state of peace and harmony with yourself.

Woman. If you have seen a woman, you are overloaded with work responsibilities that will require a double effort to resolve. Otherwise, you will not receive the reward provided.

Girl (appearance). This option means that you will soon learn bad news about your relative. This news will surprise you very much. This is also illustrated as a necessary measure in communicating with others. Be careful about every word you say, otherwise it can be used against you. The most effective way is to refrain from any communication about the person.